Wyatt McKeil

Photo by Mac MacKay

Photo by Mac MacKay

This classic tug was built in 1950 by Davie Shipbuilding of Lauzon, QC as the Otis Wack for Fundy Gypsum of Hantsport, NS. The tug was based in Hantsport for many years, until 1995 when she was sold to McKeil Marine Limited of Hamilton, ON. In 1997, she was renamed Wyatt McKeil. The tug was busy for McKeil until retiring in the mid-2000s. She was then acquired by Heddle Marine Services, who kept the tug in lay-up. In 2012, she was scrapped in Hamilton at Heddle’s yard.

  • Type: Single Screw Tugboat
  • Year Built: 1950
  • Builder: Davie Shipbuilding Ltd., Lauzon, QC
  • Hull No.: 591
  • Horsepower: 1,200 bhp
  • Length: 102′ 06″
  • Breadth: 26′ 00″
  • Depth: 13′ 06″

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