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  1. Kind of confused, info on the Kristin Lee Hannah is debatable. I was CE on her March of 99 to Jan 2000, The Kristan Lee I was on was a single screw variable pitch boat powered by twin Nordbergs. She ate #4 through #10 main bearings of the port engine sitting at the dock in Detroit MI. due to #3 main splitting down the middle and dumping all lube destined for the remainder of the mains strait to the sump…at the time HMC wasn’t interested in the repair as the stb engine also had the same problem and line bore cost alone was going to be over 300k for just the 1 engine. She had an inline shaft driven generator and was amazingly fast. If I look hard enough I can find the Hatch&Kirk teardown notes. But there’s no way the boat you published is the same one..just sayn.

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