Wyatt M

This classic tugboat was built in 1948 by Russel Brothers of Owen Sound, ON as the P.J. Murer for the Canadian International Paper Company. In 1979 she was sold to Bishop Marine Construction. Great Lakes Contractors Inc. purchased the P.J. Murer in 1981 and renamed her Michael D. Misner. In 1993 she was acquired by Lower Lakes Towing of Port Dover, ON and renamed Thomas A. Payette. She was sold again in 1996, this time to Nadro Marine of Port Dover. She was renamed Progress that year. In the early 2000s, the Progress was acquired by McKeil Marine of Hamilton, ON. In 2006, McKeil renamed the tug Wyatt M.

Still a busy part of the McKeil fleet, the Wyatt M is currently based in Newfoundland.

  • Type: Twin Screw Tugboat
  • Year Built: 1948
  • Builder: Russel Bros. Ltd., Owen Sound, ON
  • Engines: 2 Detroit 12V 149T
  • Horsepower: 2,000 bhp
  • Length: 85′ 00″
  • Breadth: 20′ 00″
  • Depth: 10′ 00″
  • Port of Registry: Nanticoke, ON

5 thoughts on “Wyatt M

  1. I worked at Opemican Logging camp back in the 70s. PJ Murer was docked there as the logging operations were being shut down there. After all these years….is she really in Newfoundland?,

  2. I remember When Jamie first bought her from Lower Lakes.i gave her the first coat of Nadros colour.I also installed all her new ballast from.Vic Powells shipyard by myself. I never did get a chance to sail on her. Because Jamie chose to believe what he was hearing about me . I was not as was reported to him saying anything derogatory about Nadro Marine I sincerely regret any hard feelings I very much respect CAPT Bill Nadrofsky, And of course Robert . I am available for work.

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