The Great Lakes Towing Company

The Great Lakes Towing Company of Cleveland, Ohio was founded in 1899 by many tycoons of the shipping and mining industries as a way of consolidating and updating the Great Lakes tugboat fleet. The company soon began producing a large fleet of steel-hulled “City” and “State”-class tugs to replace the wooden towing vessels working around the Great Lakes. Today, the State-class, or Type II tugs, still remain in service for the Towing Company and were all converted to diesel in the 1950s. The Towing Company and their famous “G tugs” remain the leader in ship assist and tug work on the Great Lakes to this day, with tug bases in Buffalo, Ashtabula, Cleveland, Toledo, Monroe, Detroit, Green Bay, Sturgeon Bay, Milwaukee, Chicago, Burns Harbor, Sault Ste. Marie, and Duluth. The Company owns and operates a shipyard in Cleveland, building modern tugs and other craft such as research vessels and small barges. The shipyard also allows the Towing Company to constantly update and maintain their fleet of veteran tugs. Great Lakes Towing acquired Sarter Marine Towing of Sturgeon Bay, Wisconsin in early 2022.

Current Tugs:

Past Tugs:

*Indicates currently inactive tugs

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