Svitzer Nerthus

Photo by Mac MacKay

Photo by Mac MacKay

This large z-drive tug was built in 2009 by East Isle Shipyard of Georgetown, PEI as the Stevns Iceflower for Nordane Shipping. She was later sold to Svitzer Sverige of Sweden and renamed Svitzer Nerthus. In 2015, the tug was transferred to Svitzer Canada of Halifax, NS. In Canada, Svitzer Nerthus worked out of Montreal, except during the summer months when the tug worked at Milne Inlet on Baffin Island. Le Groupe Ocean of Quebec, QC purchased the tug in 2017.

  • Type: Twin Screw Tractor Tug
  • Year Built: 2009
  • Builder: East Isle Shipyard, Georgetown, PEI
  • Hull No.: 95
  • Horsepower: 5,030 bhp
  • Length: 94′ 05″
  • Breadth: 36′ 07″
  • Depth: 17′ 01″
  • Port of Registry: Halifax, NS

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