Ronald J. Dahlke

This historic tugboat was built in 1903 by the Johnston Brothers in Ferrysburg, Michigan. She originally sailed as Bonita for Graham & Morton Transportation. She was sold to the City of Chicago in 1914, becoming Chicago Harbor No. 4. She served in Chicago until 1957, when she was sold to Edward Barnaby. She returned to service for Barnaby in 1960 under the new name Eddie B. Barnaby sold her to Henry W. Kraft in 1969, who renamed it Seneca Queen. The following year she was sold again, this time to Bultema Dock and Dredge, where she was renamed Ludington. She went to Canonie Transportation in 1981. While with Bultema, she was somewhat modernized, which included the addition of a retractable wheelhouse. She was sold to the King Company in 1991, and later Andrie Inc. In 1996 she was renamed Seneca Queen for a second time. In 2004, Andrie changed the name again to Ronald J. Dahlke. Andrie sold the old tug to BIDCO Marine Group in 2011, who retained the name. She was then sold again, to Dewey Leasing of Rochester, NY.

The Dahlke remains in service in the Rochester area on Lake Ontario in the marine construction trade.

  • Type: Single Screw Tugboat
  • Year Built: 1903
  • Builder: Johnston Brothers, Ferrysburg, MI
  • Hull No.: N/A
  • Engines: 1 Caterpillar 398
  • Horsepower: 1,100 bhp
  • Length: 63′ 04″
  • Breadth: 17′ 06″
  • Depth: 9′ 00″
  • Port of Registry: Rochester, NY

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