Ocean Serge Genois

Photo by Marc Piché

Photo by Marc Piché

The z-drive tug Ocean Serge Genois was built in 2010 by Industries Ocean for Ocean Group of Quebec, QC.

She is based in Montreal, QC, where she serves as a ship assist tug.

  • Type: Twin Screw Tractor Tug
  • Year Built: 2010
  • Builder: Industries Ocean, Ile-aux-Coudres, QC
  • Horsepower: 4,023 bhp
  • Length: 75′ 02″
  • Breadth: 30′ 00″
  • Depth: 13′ 00″
  • Port of Registry: Quebec, QC
Marc Piché

Marc Piché

Mac MacKay

Mac MacKay

Marc Piché

Marc Piché

Will Van Dorp

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