Photo by Shaun Vary

Photo by Shaun Vary

This small tug was built as the fish tug Donald T. in Tillbury, ON by Goodreau Steel Boats. Her original owner is unknown, but her second owner was Maurice Tiedeman of Grand Bend, ON. In 1975 she was sold to Bud Cook. Scott Cook acquired the Donald T. in 1984. She was later sold for scrap to Harry Gamble of Port Dover, ON. The tug was eventually re-sold to Scruton Marine Services of Port Dover, ON, where she was rebuilt as a towing vessel, and renamed Lef-Dover. She is active in the marine contracting trades on Lake Erie.

  • Type: Tugboat
  • Year Built: Unknown
  • Builder: Goodreau Steel Boats, Tillbury, ON
Isaac Pennock

Isaac Pennock

Isaac Pennock

Isaac Pennock


One thought on “Lef-Dover

  1. Your parents and especially your grandfather “HARRY” must be very proud . I watched you grow up when i worked for him. How time flies !

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