Kenneth A.

This small tug was built in 1950 by Mathieson Boat Works for Alexander G. Dalby as the Kenneth A. In 1960 she was acquired by the Toronto Port Authority of Toronto, ON, where she retained her name. The Kenneth A. was removed from service in the mid-2000s, and was eventually sold.

  • Type: Single Screw Tugboat
  • Year Built: 1950
  • Builder: Mathieson Boat Works, Goderich, ON
  • Horsepower: 125 bhp
  • Length: 39′ 02″
  • Breadth: 13′ 02″
  • Depth: 4′ 00″
  • Port of Registry: Toronto, ON

9 thoughts on “Kenneth A.

  1. My father owned this tug during the 1950’s for his Toronto Island cartage business “Island Cartage Ltd” serving the island home owners. Anyone with pictures or information is encouraged to contact me at …Don Cale from 608 Lakeshore Avenue, Hanlan’s Point, Toronto Island. Presently living in Nova Scotia after 32 years in the navy.

      • Last I heard she was landed somewhere up past the Cherry Street bridge. Left to rot after a stint as a harbour clean up vessel (garbage, flotsam and such).

    • Hi Don , my name is Bruce Baker and wanted to tell you that my father & mother ( Gordon & Doris Baker) lived on Hiawatha Ave and ran the water taxi called Aqua Taxi and owned 4 or 5 boats , they then owned Baker Marine Service and they purchased The Kenneth A , of course this was also around 1955 thru to around1967 when he was under contract with THC to which he sold the Kenneth A to.

  2. I remember the cartage business as we lived on Centre Island, I thought the Dalby’s owned thecartage business. We left the island in 1954

  3. The Dalbys were the owners until my father Arthur Cale bought the business. I’m not sure the exact year, probably ’48 or ’49. Since the city destroyed Center and started to level Hanlan’s the business volume declined until the Island could no longer support two cartage companies. He sold out to Ken Sinclair and worked in the city. As a self-sufficient hardworking business owner able to support a family comfortably to a broken man reduced to working for wages, he never really recovered. We moved to the city in ’61 after the appropriation of our house. I hated it as much as Dad did. After 3 years I joined the navy and except for a few quick visits, never went back. I have a few pictures of the Kenneth A and one of my fondest memories is being out on the welcoming committee of boats for Marilyn Bell.

  4. Wonderful memories you have, I remember the Dalby’s as we lived in the same house on Cherokee; it belonged to Rita Dalbys parents the Lauders. I remember as a child going up the street to the lake with my parents and neighbours for an evening swim. The lake was at one end of the street and the lagoon was at the other end. I remember going to school for grade 1,2 3. I remember the grade one teacher Miss Dean, the sweetest lady ever. I remember getting new rubber boots from Trustys when it flooded. Oh, I remember the dampest of the clothes in the drawers. I remember Hazel our paper girl with her high spirited dog that liked to play with us all. I think we were among the lucky ones to have these experiences.

    • Manitou Road was the “Main Drag” to us. I remember Trusty’s bike shop and Miss Dean was also my grade one teacher. Please research “The Toronto Island Connection” for a site we Islanders use to stay connected. TIC keeps we “sandbar kids” up on a lot of island memories. Many pictures, stories and memories posted by old and new folks that revere the Island. Cheers..Don Cale, 608 Lakeshore Ave, Hanlan’s Point.

  5. Nice to hear from you Bruce. My fondest memory on the “Kenneth A” was being part of the welcoming flotilla as Marilyn Bell swam Lake Ontario. she was supposed to finish at Hanlan’s Point but got carried by the current to the breakwater at the CNE grounds.Did your folks brew “boaty tea” on the cabin heater? Never dumped the leaves, just added another handful of loose and a scoop of water from the lake. Strong enough to stand a spoon up in by day’s end. All the best Bruce, keep in touch…Don 608 Lakeshore Ave, Hanlan’s Point. EM8-9024

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