Gordon’s Welding

Located in Sarnia, Ontario, Gordon’s Welding owns one tugboat that is currently inactive.

Current Tugs:

Past Tugs:

  • Gordon’s I

*Indicates currently inactive tug


6 thoughts on “Gordon’s Welding

    • Hi Brian, I just want to clarify that the tugboat is not mine (I don’t own or operate tugboats, I just research them). However, I can answer your question. The Port of Sarnia recently came into ownership of the dock where the Menasha was moored, and subsequently raised the mooring fees, so the tug was moved to LaSalle, Ontario for further lay-up.

      • Good Day Sir, Thank you for that information.
        Is the Tugboat: “Menasha” For Sale? as it been unused for about 4 years, Or do you know if Gordon Welding of Sarnia, Ontario, has New plans for it…We cant locate them directly to talk to them. It seems long way to laid up a tug to save a buc, They could of taken it out of water in Sarnia, and just put it on shore, everyone else is doing that to save docking fees, Thanks.

  1. Hi Tugboathunter: Thank you for that… I, thought when they towed it to LaSalle, Ontario, back in 2014, It was for scrap, and I, don’t think the Owner of this tug is either around or living any longer, I could be wrong, that was the reason for selling to scrap dealer in LaSalle. It was on the market in
    Boats & Harbors for a bit, & No serious bidders, too bad, I looked up Gordon Welding on http://www.google.ca but cant find their listing in less Gordon’s sold out to someone under different name but still stationed in Sarnia?

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