George N. Carleton

Photo by Shaun Vary

Photo by Shaun Vary

This classic tugboat was built in 1943 by Russel Brothers of Owen Sound, ON as the HMCS Glenlea for the Royal Canadian Navy. In 1947 she was sold civilian to Foundation Maritime and renamed Bansaga. In 1964 she was acquired by Lakehead Tugboats Inc. of Thunder Bay, ON, where she was repowered and renamed George N. Carleton. She is busy in the ship assist trade in Thunder Bay.

  • Type: Single Screw Tugboat
  • Year Built: 1943
  • Builder: Russel Bros., Owen Sound, ON
  • Engines: 1 EMD 12-567C
  • Horsepower: 1,250 bhp
  • Length: 82′ 00″
  • Breadth: 21′ 00″
  • Depth: 11′ 00″
  • Port of Registry: Thunder Bay, ON
Mac MacKay

Mac MacKay


2 thoughts on “George N. Carleton

  1. A small correction….
    The company was not Lakehead Tugboats. The company which brought the tug to Port Arthur in 1964 was Gravel and Lake Services which was in turn owned by the Styffe family.
    At that time the company was owned by the three Styffe brothers, Roy Bert and John. A second identical tug was also acquired and renamed Robert John.

    • You are correct. Gravel & Lake Services seems to have recently changed its name to Lakehead Tugboats, so I updated the website about a month ago to reflect this. It’s the same company, however, but I believe a different family owns it now.

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