G.W. Falcon

Photo by Nathan Leindecker

Photo by Nathan Leindecker

The G.W. Falcon was built in 1936 as the fish tug Lillie B. by and for Fred E. Alford of Waukegan, IL. In 1940 she was sold to Thomas Johnson. She was sold to Falcon Marine Company in 1956, and the following year was rebuilt as a towing vessel and renamed G.W. Falcon. She was later sold to Lake Michigan Contractors of Holland, MI, and in 2003 was acquired by Clearwater Marine of Holland, MI.

G.W. Falcon works in dredging and construction projects for Clearwater, serving as their largest active tug.

  • Type: Tugboat
  • Year Built: 1936
  • Builder: Fred E. Alford, Waukegan, IL
  • Length: 49′ 07″
  • Breadth: 13′ 08″
  • Depth: 6′ 02″
  • Port of Registry: Holland, MI
Nathan Leindecker

Nathan Leindecker


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