Edward E. Gillen

This tug was built by Benjamin L. Cowles in 1908 as the Erastus C. Knight for Frank P. Coyle. In 1912 she was purchased by the American Sand & Gravel Company. American Construction acquired the tug in 1918, renaming her Aubrey. Merritt, Chapman & Scott Corp. purchased the Aubrey in 1948, and she was sold to the Edward E. Gillen Company In 1957. In 1964 the Aubrey was renamed Edward E. Gillen, the second tug to bear the name. In 1981 she capsized and sank about 2.5 miles off Milwaukee, WI. All crew were rescued.

  • Type: Single Screw Tugboat
  • Year Built: 1908
  • Builder: Benjamin L. Cowles, Buffalo, NY
  • Hull No.: N/A
  • Length: 56′ 05″
  • Breadth: 15′ 03″
  • Depth: 7′ 09″

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