B & L Tug Service, Thessalon, ON

Babcock Welding & Marine Services, Sarnia, ON

Balcom Marine Contractors Inc., Muskegon, MI

Les Barges de Matane Inc., Matane, QC

Bay Shipbuilding Co., Sturgeon Bay, WI

Biddick Towing & Salvage Inc., Charlevoix, MI

Big Lake Marine LLC, Milwaukee, WI

Buchanan Forest Products Ltd., Thunder Bay, ON

Burrows Marine Inc., Webster, NY

Busch Marine Inc., Carrollton, MI

2 thoughts on “B

  1. I would like to see our tugs Bradshaw McKee and Prentiss Brown added to the data base. I have the info you need and would certainly provide it. Also maybe able to help with other tug histories if you need it.

    • The site is still under construction, and I plan to eventually add all Great Lakes tugboats but it will take time. If I need help then I will certainly drop you a line, thanks!

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