Argue Martin

This tug was built in 1895 as the Ethel for Sincennes McNaughton Line Limited. In 1930 she was sold to John J. Harrigan. Russell Construction acquired the tug in 1938, and renamed her R.C. Co. Tug No. 1. In 1958, she was renamed R.C.L. Tug No. 1. She was acquired by Balfour, Beatty & Co. in 1961, and sold the following year to Hamilton Harbour Commissioners, where the tug was renamed Argue Martin. In 1967, McKeil Marine Limited of Hamilton, ON purchased the tug. The veteran Argue Martin was a workhorse in the McKeil fleet, and was finally retired and scrapped in 2003.

  • Type: Single Screw Tugboat
  • Year Built: 1895
  • Builder: Corkey, Sorel, QC
  • Length: 69′ 00″
  • Breadth: 19′ 06″
  • Depth: 9′ 00″

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